Top Tips To Help Maximise Your Home Storage

Top Tips To Help Maximise Your Home Storage

Storage space is crucial when looking at buying a new home. Whether you’re a family of four, a young couple or are looking to downsize, not having enough room to keep your possessions safe, neat and tidy can leave your home feeling too small, too cluttered and this can have a real impact on your happiness.

80% of people told a survey that their mood is impacted by clutter and at Laurus Homes we know how important this issue is, so our homes are always designed with storage space in mind.

From large properties with garages and spare rooms to two-bed homes, we put the same care into ensuring that you’ll have plenty of room for your prized possessions.

Here are some of the tips we’ve picked up along the way that can help you make the most of your storage space around your home.

Hallway showing a wardrobe on the left and leading into a bedroom.



The hallway is an under-appreciated space to find storage solutions. There are understairs cupboards, of course, which are great for storing everyday items that you need easy access to, like coats and vacuum cleaners.

But there are also other opportunities in the hallway, like storage benches, which offer both somewhere to sit while putting your shoes on but also a place to keep hats and scarves and other items you might collect on your way out the front door.

Spacious living room area with a sofa on the right and round tables in the middle.



The lounge is definitely a room where you don’t want storage – or clutter – to impact on your use of the room as a central point for socialising and relaxing.

So, the key here is to have storage solutions that multitask, like a storage sofa that offers room underneath for keeping things, or a repurposed vintage trunk that can double as a coffee table – or a coffee table that includes storage options too.

Shelving in alcoves offer an easy solution for additional storage for books and decorative items, while you can also use stylish dressers or shelving units around the room to not only provide storage but also fit in with the style and theme of your lounge.

Large kitchen with a bar table on the left and a long dining table to the right.



Of all the rooms in a home, the kitchen is the busiest and the one most in need of good storage solutions, otherwise it can be cluttered, difficult to keep clean and even more difficult to actually find the things you need when you need them.

Drawer organisers and wire shelf risers can help you maximise the space you have available in drawers and shelves and making use of walls with a magnetic knife rack or a shelf for spice jars are all simple tricks you can use to avoid clutter on your kitchen counters.

It’s always worth keeping an eye out for spaces where you could find neat places for extra storage, like attaching hooks to the side of a cabinet for hanging items like colanders or cutting boards.

Bedroom with a comfy double bed.



Bedrooms need to be relaxing rooms where you can find a restful night’s sleep, which isn’t quite as easy with mountains of clothes scattered around. So, it’s important to create that calming atmosphere by having a place for everything and everything in its place.

Fitted wardrobes and underbed storage are both great options for maximising your storage space, but you can also try finding a bed with a headboard that contains shelving for some additional space.

Utilising your walls for shelves and cubes where you can put books or decorative items is also key, and especially useful in kids’ bedrooms where storage is even more essential. Doubling up functions is another important trick, so try and find furniture like desks and dressing tables that also include storage.

View of a bed and lampshade inside a octagonal mirror.



If you’re now thinking of what storage solutions you can make use of in your next home, then a brand-new Laurus Home could be a perfect fit, so why not have a look at our available properties across the North West?

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