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Buying your home at Christmas


Trying to buy or sell a home at Christmas is generally said to be a bad idea because of the belief that the market tends to go quiet at that time of year, but the reality is that it can actually be a great opportunity to give yourself a festive present to remember by finding your dream home.

There’s no time where our home is more important to us than Christmas, when we come together as a family, put decorations everywhere, light candles and enjoy ourselves inside while the weather outside is frightful. But is it the case that thoughts of finding a new home fade away at this time of year?

According to Rightmove, that’s not the case, with millions of people browsing on Christmas Day and Boxing Day for a new home. Understandably, a time where we’re at home so much more than usual (or at least this was the case before 2020’s lockdowns) is bound to inspire people to want to explore their options for finding a home that’s bigger, brighter and more comfortable.

Beating the January rush has often been a good tactic for homebuyers and stats from websites like Rightmove and Your Move have shown that as soon as New Year’s Day comes around, traffic to their websites soars as people start looking for a new home for the new year. So, December represents a great opportunity to find your dream home while others are distracted by Christmas shopping and wrapping presents.

Buying your home at Christmas


Finding the home of your dreams and having someone else swoop in and reserve it before you is heart-breaking, which why is buying in December can be an excellent idea. After all, if lots of people think that Christmas is a bad time to buy a home, they might be waiting until the new year, making it easier for you to find and reserve your home with less competition than there might normally be.

Top tips:

  1. Talk to us! Our Sales Advisors are here to help you and will be able to offer advice and guidance to help you along the route to buying your dream home on the run-up to Christmas.


  1. Consider Shared Ownership is available across many homes in our developments and is open to both first and second-time buyers. You start by buying between 25% and 75% of the home and pay monthly rent on the rest.


  1. If you aren’t set on moving right away but want to get your new home reserved, why not use our Early Bird scheme to reserve a selected plot at the development of your choice (subject to availability) and then you can focus on the mince pies and festive fun safe in the knowledge that you will have first refusal on this exciting opportunity before the property is released on general sale.

Selling your home at Christmas


While there might be fewer people actively buying homes over Christmas, we’ve already mentioned that the festive period is a big time for more passive house-hunting. With so much time on their hands, sat in front of the TV with potentially a new phone or tablet to play with, the stats show that lots of people turn to looking for a new home. In 2020 the impact on the housing market of lockdown means that we could see the current boom extending well into the festive period.

Top tips:

  1. If you are set to reserve a Laurus home, why not make use of our Move Easy assisted move scheme, where we will go out of our way to find the right estate agent, the right price and the right buyer on your behalf to help you sell your existing home.


  1. If you’re looking to sell your home around Christmas, don’t go overboard with your Christmas decorations as they can make it harder for potential buyers to picture what your home normally looks like. Definitely try and get your photography done before the decorations go up.


  1. Arrange viewings in the daylight if possible, as it can be harder in the dark to fully appreciate a home. Be sure your home is warm and cosy when someone comes to visit as this will make a big impression on a cold wintry day.


  1. Be clear on deadlines and availability to avoid confusion and complications around Christmas. You may also need to be flexible if you want to find the right buyer.


  1. Plan ahead if you are intending to complete before Christmas itself and the buyer intends to be in their new home for the big day. Get ready to move quickly if needs be.

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