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Planning ahead is crucial if you’re looking for a home that meets the needs of your growing family and can evolve to meet their needs, tastes and lifestyles.

Our new build homes are designed to do just that, giving you the space and the flexibility to adapt how you use it to give your kids the ideal surroundings. With plenty of storage available and spacious bedrooms, you’ve got plenty of room for all their toys and the perfect canvas to create rooms that fire up their imaginations and inspire their dreams.

Here’s some design tips for giving your kids the perfect bedrooms, from toddlers to teenagers:

A Baby’s Nursery


The ideal nursery for a baby is one that’s calming and encourages to have a long and restful sleep, hopefully letting their exhausted parents enjoy the same. It’s probably fair to say that few rooms in a home are as meticulously and lovingly planned out as the nursery for a new baby, so here’s some ideas for making the most of your space:

  • Be clear what you REALLY need - If you want to avoid a cluttered nursery for your first baby, talk to other parents about what they actually used in their nurseries. Changing stations might seem to be a must-have, but often go mostly unused when it comes down to the reality of parenting. Having a mat to change the baby wherever is convenient could be a more practical option and gives you space for something else.
  • Make the use of wasted space – A good tip for any room, but especially a nursery, you’ll find that you can store a lot of useful baby stuff in charming wicker or rattan boxes under your baby’s cot, while an over-the-door storage rack is great for hanging dressing gowns, sleeping bags and other cosy clothes.



At this stage you should be able to get away without making wholesale design changes from their nurseries but there’s still tweaks you can make to adapt it to the life of a young child that now has the ability to move around on its own and create a lot of mess.

  • Floating shelves – One of the first things a parent realises when their toddler starts to toddle is just how much is now within their reach. Floating shelves give you the ability to save floor space for them to play on whilst also placing breakable items away from their clumsy, sticky fingers. For now. These can also be used throughout childhood for whatever needs storing as they grow.
  • Go with a theme – By this age, your children will be developing their own personalities so why not let that play a role in your design choices. Are they an adventurer? Give them a bedroom that is all about adventure and exploring the possibilities and let this flow through the decorations and the more practical use of space too.

Primary School Children


As your babies grow from toddlers to pre-teens their rooms start to undergo drastic changes. You’ll be incorporating their personalities and tastes more and more into their rooms and while there will have been toys and books in their nurseries, these will have increasingly started to take over your whole home. Here’s how to evolve your design to meet these new needs:

  • Get a multi-functional storage solution – Finding somewhere to store their toys is a challenge as it needs to be accessible for them, tidy, stylish and if possible it should serve other purposes. Desks with storage room for toys or shelves with a surface for playing on (or more storage) mean that you’re able to double up on functions and giving your kids a safe, fun and practical room.
  • Give them a bed that’s for more than just sleeping – When they’ve graduated from cots, they’ll need a bed of their own and the more fun it is the better as far as they’re concerned. There are some amazing options out there for beds that are dens, spaceships, houses and you can also save space with a high rise bed that lets them sleep up high (always exciting) with room underneath for more play and storage room.



By this stage you’ll consider yourself lucky to be allowed a say in what their rooms look like, but whether they thank you or not, there are still ways you can help them have a bedroom that is practical, tidy and entirely their own.

  • Give them a corkboard – Teenagers accumulate ‘stuff’ better than anyone else in the world and this can be a major challenge for keeping their rooms tidy. Giving them a space to pin important things and express themselves can save you a lot of time and avoid clutter building up.
  • Add a laundry basket – Teenagers are notoriously messy when it comes to their clothes, most of which end up on the floor, so why not make it easier for them to keep their own clothes tidy? Laundry baskets come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials so you can find one that fits both their rooms and their lifestyles, giving them a place to put their clothes that isn’t the floor.


If you’re looking for the dream home for your growing family with a blank canvas and the space to give your kids amazing and inspiring bedrooms, whether it’s in towns in the heart of the countryside like Skelmersdale, Congleton or Winsford or overlooking the stunning adventure playground of Delamere Forest, Laurus has the perfect homes for your growing family.

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