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Shared Ownership Retirement Homes

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Shared Ownership Retirement Homes

At Laurus Homes, we’re dedicated to developing high quality homes and living environments for everyone. As part of our inclusive philosophy, we offer shared ownership retirement homes, providing you with a comfortable, stylish and affordable place to live in later life.

In England, the government offers the Older People's Shared Ownership (OPSO) scheme. Working in a similar way to the general Shared Ownership scheme, the OPSO scheme allows you to purchase a share of your home. You can buy between 25% and 75% of your home’s value. You will then be required to pay rent on the remaining share. Once you own 75% of your home, you will not pay rent on the rest.

You can benefit from the OPSO scheme if you’re aged 55 or over, and your household must earn £80,000 or less annually if you live outside of London or earn £90,000 or less annually if you live within London.

To buy a home through this scheme, you must also be a first-time buyer or have once owned a home but not be in a financial position to buy one now. You will also qualify for the OPSO scheme if you are already a shared owner and you wish to move.

We offer a variety of stunning retirement homes in conjunction with the OPSO scheme, making it easier for you to afford your dream home.

To find out more about the OPSO scheme, you should speak to your local Help to Buy agent or you can get in touch with our team of experts.

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