A Blank Canvas: How To Decorate A New Build Home

A Blank Canvas: How To Decorate A New Build Home

One of the reasons why people buy new-build homes is because it gives them a blank canvas to work with to create their perfect home. Buying a home that has already been lived in means having to compromise your vision based on what previous owners have done to it already.

In time you might be able to make all the changes you want, but this is dependent on time and money. When you buy a new-build home, there are no dubious or dated interior design decisions to deal with and no ill-advised attempts at DIY to get fixed.

Instead, you have a blank canvas that you can use to bring your personality to the home as soon as you’ve moved in and unpacked. How you decorate your own home is a very personal thing of course, but we’ve pulled together some tips to help you get started.

Spacious living room area with a green sofa to the right and round tables in the middle.


Choose a colour palette

Starting with a blank canvas gives you much more freedom to consider colours across your whole home rather than adjusting to whatever has been left behind for you. If you don’t have favourite colours or a scheme in mind already, you could always pick out a jumping-off point for the palette, like a large picture, piece of art or rug that will be prominently displayed in your home.

When we’re creating our show homes, we always love to use bright wallpaper and accent colours to give them a lively vibrance. We give you the blank canvas so you can make that choice for yourself when you move in, so don’t be afraid to go for bright and bold colours, whether that’s through statement wallpaper or the right paint choices.

Close up of a double bed with lots of pillows neatly placed on it.



One of the best ways to bring your personality into your new home is through using accessories. We love to use them in our show homes, helping to create themes in our rooms, so if you’re looking for inspiration, why not pay a visit and see what our designers have come up with?

There are no hard and fast rules for how to use accessories and decorations in your home, you can go with window dressings, vases, soft furnishings, movie posters, art prints, family photos, inspirational slogans, whatever is meaningful for you.

Gallery walls can be a great way to bring decorations together in a stylish way, while utilising those colour palettes we mentioned earlier can help you decide what furnishings can go well with your rooms.

Let There Be Light

We design our Laurus homes to let in plenty of natural light because we know how important that is. But when you are planning how to turn your blank canvas into your dream home, how you use internal lights can be key.

There’s three types of lighting: ambient lighting, which illuminates a room in general; accent lighting, which creates pools of light or highlights key features; and focused task lighting, which you’d use in a kitchen, bathroom or home office to help with certain activities.

Accent lighting is what you can use to draw the eye to part of your rooms you want to highlight and can include picture lights and uplights. So, don’t forget to factor lighting into how you plan your room designs.

Pink flowers in a green vase infront of a window.


Bring the outdoors in

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to value the outdoor spaces we have in our lives. Getting out into gardens, parks and forests was so important in lockdown and bringing some of that greenery into our homes is also a great way to make a new house a home.

Plants and flowers have an important role in making our homes both look good and keep us healthy. You can use them as part of a colour scheme in a room or just go with whatever feels right but bringing the outdoors into your home is the perfect way to bring new life to your blank canvas.

If these suggestions have made you eager to start planning how you would decorate your dream home, why not think about what accessories you could buy with a £5000 John Lewis voucher as part of our #LoveFromLaurus gift for anyone reserving a home before January 31st, along with £2000 towards your legal fees.

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