8 Benefits of Buying A New Build Home From Laurus Homes

8 Benefits of Buying A New Build Home From Laurus Homes

Have you considered buying a new build as your first home? Doing so could save you money and give you greater peace of mind than a second-hand property.  After all, new means new: the latest designs, the best appliances, and the opportunity to personalise. From the day you move in, your home will be ready to live in.  Here are some of the best reasons to considering buying a new build with Laurus Homes.

Shared Ownership

With Laurus Homes, you’ll have the option of buying through Shared Ownership. 

This is a government-backed scheme that allows first-time buyers to purchase a share of a property (between 25% - 75%) with a mortgage and pay an affordable rent on the remaining value. Over time, you have the opportunity to purchase additional shares of the property and
eventually own it outright. 

Shared Ownership can save you money on your deposit and overall monthly costs. For example, depending on your choice of lender, you could buy a £170,000 1-bedroom apartment at our Bakers Court development with a deposit of just £2,125*. 

Laurus Homes offers Shared Ownership properties across the North West of England. You can check our availability through the main page of our website or learn more about How Shared Ownership can work for you on our blog.

Built For Modern Living

Laurus Homes work with award-winning architects to design contemporary, stylish homes. Our properties are designed with modern living in mind and include a range of features to suit your lifestyle.  

Whether it’s an open-plan kitchen-diner for spending time with family and guests, a separate office for remote working, or ensuites that add a luxurious touch, Laurus have you covered. 

Please visit our development webpages, where you’ll find brochures that detail the specific layouts of our house types.  

Fully Fitted For Your Move-in

From the day you move in, you’ll be able to enjoy living and entertaining in your new home, with the kitchen and bathrooms already installed to your taste.

You may also save money compared to buying second-hand, since there’ll be no need for renovation costs. Our homes also come with a selection of white goods, which will save you money and hassle during your move.

We work with some of the best fittings and appliance brands on the market, so you can be sure of a contemporary, stylish look. Your Sales Advisor will advise you on what items your property includes and any upgrades we may offer.

Ready To Personalise

You’ll have a choice of worksurfaces, tiles and colours to personalise your kitchen and bathroom, all of which will be installed in advance of your move-in. Everyone’s tastes are different, so depending on the build stage and development, we like to give you as much choice as possible. 

Once you move in, there’re no damaged walls to smooth, no one else’s decoration to paint over. Everything is new, clean and ready for you to create your perfect space. 

As well as the interior of your property, you’ll also have a choice of which plot you buy. We design our developments so each plot has its own advantage – whether that’s being on a long elegant street, having a picturesque view, or the privacy of a cul-de-sac. You can have a look at site plans on our development webpages. 

Bedroom interior

Save Money on Bills

According to NHBC (New Homes Building Council) research, the average new build could save you 50% on your energy bills compared to a similar renovated Victorian property. And modern bathroom fittings could save you 70 bathtubs of water a year compared to 1980s technology.   

Laurus Homes’ properties are fitted with the latest technologies in heating, cooking, insulation and plumbing. Your new home will be warmer and cheaper to run than a second-hand property, and your carbon footprint will be lower too. 

Built for Quality

We work with the best builders in the business, so you can rest assured in the quality of your new home. This means less DIY and more time to enjoy your new space.  

Laurus Homes are covered by the NHBC Buildmark warranty, meaning the structure of your home is protected for ten years. And for the first two years, defects to the property will be covered by builders’ warranty. 

Our developments are also designed in line with modern security features, such as locks, outdoor lights and window latches.  

Giantswood Grove CGI

Smooth Sales Process

One of the best things about buying new is that there’s no ‘buying chain’. In the second-hand market, you might find yourself in a ‘chain’ having to wait for several people to complete their sales before you can move into your new home, which can add delays and stress to the moving process.  

With a new build, you don’t have to wait for anyone. Once we tell you when your property is ready to move into, you can start planning for the big day.  

With Laurus Homes, you are guaranteed a smooth sales process and excellent customer service. Our Sales Advisors will guide you through the purchase, and our Customer Care team will be on hand to help once you’ve moved in. We follow the NHBC Customer Code for Housebuilders to ensure you are fully supported in your home-buying journey.  

Part of Something Bigger

By buying with Laurus Homes, you’ll be part of something bigger. We do more than just build homes: we strive to create neighbourhoods that benefit the community and the wider society.  

We build in excellent locations across the North West of England that have good access to schools, shops, green spaces and transport links. We currently have homes available in Trafford, Cheshire, Manchester and West Lancashire.  

As part of Trafford Housing Trust, our profit-for-purpose business model means we use our resources to fund projects that benefit society. Our Social Investment Fund allocates £4m annually to fund community projects that aim to improve people’s lives, their communities, and their environment.

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